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Akers Signs—Cutting Edge Technologies and Time Tested Know-How

Akers’ experience with sign making is a primary reason we are an industry leader in Northeast Ohio and beyond—including Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Dayton, and many more locations throughout the country. Though we’ve been a reliable producer of quality signage since 1972, we realize our industry is not what it was 20 years ago—or even 2 years ago. Understanding that an adaptable approach produces the best products for our customers, we place a strong importance on cutting edge technologies, and time tested know-how.

We have a talented young graphic designer on staff from the University of Akron—and a sign engineer with 25 years experience in the field. These and many more members of Akers’ team will ensure your sign is produced within your budget and at the highest standard available in the industry.

What Makes a Sign—Effective?

There’s something we believe at Akers that you may not find elsewhere. Akers Signs simply believes that the only sign worth having is a sign that is effective. We don’t believe in selling you signs you don’t need—or signs that aren’t successful in elevating your on-site identity.

Akers sells six different sign types—and each type offers a variety of features and configurations. And there is more to consider: traffic speeds and patterns, angles, distances, letter heights, and color contrasts. We understand that no business owner has the time to review all the alternatives and variables. Where Akers excels is working with you to hone your options—so we can focus on developing a sign that will be beneficial to your business. We are effective in this process because of our attention to detail, our ability to master current technologies, and our dedicated awareness of both your budget and goals.

We Look Forward to Hearing From You

If you are considering a new sign purchase, or service on an existing sign, contact us today—there are many advantages to starting the process early. Akers Signs works with a wide range of very satisfied clients representing many industries—and we hope we’ll be able to work with your business or organization next.

Case Study

Hybrid Heating & Cooling

We received a call from Brian Yania looking for new faces for his pole sign and illuminated lettering on his corrugated steel building in South Akron to reach the 10,000+ cars that pass his building everyday and brand his property. We met and discussed his needs and took photos. Within a week we produced designs and a proposal for his review.

The Hybrid Heating & Cooling logo has multiple gradation and shade changes. It has small stars off to the right side and it has a blue background on the bottom, which is a difficult color to push light through.

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