"Akers Signs is really our go to company when it comes to signage. Being in the real estate industry we have many properties that need signs and I would say that we probably use Akers on about 85% of all the signage needs that we have. And they’re great. They’re responsive. Their follow through is terrific. Their design quality is above everyone else in the community in our opinion. And we really enjoy working with them. If a problem ever arises, it’s not an issue. They always take care of it. So we would recommend Akers to anyone."

Beth Borda DeHoff Development Company

"I’ve known Rick Akers probably for the best part of 20 years. We’ve done several projects with Rick Akers Signs and we’ve found them to be people of integrity and excellence. We’ve also found that not only do we reap the benefit of great signage, but it’s been great with our marketing. It’s been great with results. We have both the church and The Inn at Belden Village and we’ve reaped the benefit of tours as a result of the signs, which in effect brings in money and brings in our income. So it’s a great, great thing. So we appreciate Akers signs. They’ve done great work for us and I recommend them and endorse them completely and totally and believe that you will benefit as well."

Pastor Dana Gammill Cathedral of Life