Hybrid Heating & Cooling

Branding to 10,000+ Cars Daily

“We love our sign! Akers did a great job and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a sign.”
—Brian Yania, Owner, Hybrid Heating & Cooling
We received a call from Brian Yania of Hybrid Heating & Cooling. To brand his South Akron property to the 10,000+ cars passing his location daily—he was looking for new faces for his pole sign and illuminated lettering on his corrugated steel building. We met to discuss his needs. Within a week, we produced designs and a proposal for Brian’s review.

Perfecting the Design

Brian’s logo has multiple gradations and small stars on the right side. It also has a blue background on the bottom, which is a difficult color to push light through. It was necessary to over-populate the letters with LED lights—creating enough illumination to shine through the intricacies of the design. It was also important that the digital printing had enough color saturation so the lights would not wash out the logo’s hue. To ensure the color was correct, we produced sample prints for Brian’s approval. The gradation was not right on the first set. We got it right on the second set and determined there should be a protective overlaminate on the digital printing—extending the life of the print.

A few weeks later the sign was produced and installed by Akers Signs, much to everyone’s satisfaction.