How to Handle Sign Installation

When considering your sign purchase, one of the more critical factors to consider is installation. Where will you put it? Are the permits in place? Do you have the right electrical capacity for the sign? If you chose an LED message center, are there special considerations for installing it? Will you or will Akers Signs install it?

Self Installation

You will receive a plan for installing your sign weeks before completion. Installing your sign is not difficult for people with a construction or an electrical background. Please keep in mind that a sign can weigh up to a thousand pounds or more—and depending on size may require a small crane or forklift to take from the delivery truck and erect. We will provide a diagram showing the needed foundation, and the posts or threaded rods that need to be set for your sign to be safely and correctly installed.

Worry-Free Full Installation With Akers Signs

Akers Signs can handle your sign installation from survey to set—including excavation, foundation, sign erection, and electrical connection. We are bonded, insured, and ready to take on your sign installation project. The process is simple—we will deliver your sign to a reliable member of our nationwide network of installers. You’ll receive a quote for your install price and we will coordinate the rest. The installer will bill you directly with no middleman markup.

Finishing Installation With Electric Signs

If you are choosing an LED message center, we recommend having your sign installed by a professional—unless you have a skilled electrician available. For other electric signs, most areas require a certified electrician to perform your final hook up. This is something you can coordinate with a local electrician or the installation contractor.