Akers Signs—Easing Your Permit Process

For many, getting your permit can be the most tedious aspect of purchasing a sign. Nearly every city and township has local zoning codes regulating sign size, height, and placement. We have full-time project managers for all fifty states who will research permit requirements in your area—easing the permitting process and keeping you informed throughout your sign buying experience.

Don’t Get Caught up in Red Tape

We have heard countless stories of businesses receiving finished signs not up to local zoning codes, not running proper electricity, and businesses having difficulties getting their sign’s engineering drawings. Akers Signs can make this a smoother task for you—whether you hire us to handle part or all of your permitting process.

Curious About Permitting? Call Us Any Time!

Permitting is an often overlooked aspect of sign planning, so we encourage you to contact us soon.

Here are some helpful items for you to consider:

•We have seen many sign companies over-simplify the permitting and installation process—giving their clients unrealistic expectations of what happens when their sign is delivered. If you want a complete and turn-key experience where we handle all permitting, we provide that service for a nominal fee.
•Surveys need made, site plans need created, and engineered drawings need created and stamped. For a nominal fee Akers Signs can take care of all of this for you.
•In most historical districts, there are sign review committees controlling the type and design of your sign.
•Many areas require zoning permits and a separate issue of building permits.
•Building permits generally detail the engineering of the foundation and the electricity. We can provide stamped engineering drawings of our signs for all fifty states—often required for local building departments.
•If you do not hire us to handle the permitting process, please let us know any relevant criteria for meeting your local code before your sign is designed.