Project Management

Effective Signs Take Time

Traffic counts, viewing distances, power sources, zoning—there are many factors to consider when it comes time to get quotes for your sign. A zoning permit alone can take a week to two months, depending on your area.

The best advice we give businesses and organizations considering a new sign purchase, is to not delay contacting us. Any sign that is well designed, properly constructed and installed, and passes local permitting—will take time. Most importantly to you in the long run, any sign that is effective for your business or organization will take time. With our experienced project management services, we can make this process easier.

Akers Signs Project Management—From Concept to Completion

Akers Signs understands that the most successful way to tackle a sign project is with attentive and proactive project management. Our project manager has over 18 years of experience in the sign industry—and our supporting staff of skilled tradespeople bring a level of professionalism to Akers Signs that we feel is unique in the industry. From drawings, design, permitting, manufacturing, excavation, and installation—once your sign project is underway, Akers will confidently guide your project from concept to completion.

Contact us today. Akers will be happy to detail how our project management resources can best work with you or your team.