Sign Maintenance

Akers Signs Maintenance—Prompt and Professional

Signs, like everything that matters, require maintenance. After your purchase, Akers has you covered with an industry-leading 7 year parts and labor warranty. If you are past your warranty period, or even if you purchased your sign from another vendor—Akers Signs has a highly-skilled staff for hire who’ll keep your signage functioning at its best. Ensuring a prompt response time, we have two service crews on the road—constantly working to keep the signage of Northeast Ohio clean and bright.

Proactive Maintenance Pays

A smart strategy for sign buyers is choosing a sign option requiring less maintenance. A smart strategy for existing sign owners is replacing older lighting with newer technologies. We’re happy to guide you through the options. Do you have an existing sign with neon or fluorescent illumination? Retrofitting signs to updated LED lighting is a specialty of ours.

On Schedule—or on Call

In Northeast Ohio, Akers Signs manages maintenance for businesses and organizations with only a single location—or retailers and restaurateurs with fifty or more locations. We offer scheduled maintenance plans—or you can just call us when you need us.

Don’t Be a Half-Lit

Your name is in lights, but a half-lit sign sends the wrong message to your existing and potential customers. Contact us today to ensure your sign sends the same message to the public as the day you bought it

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