LED Full Color

Maximize Your Creative Potential

Eye catching and versatile—an LED sign is a responsive and instantly-editable marketing tool that can showcase your most relevant products, services, or messages. Proven to be one of the most cost-effective sign types available, a full color LED sign brilliantly maximizes the creative potential of this new medium.

What Is an LED Full Color Sign?

With many options and sizes available—our Akers full-color LED message centers allow you to beautifully display photos, graphics, animations, and even full-motion video on select models. Sign resolutions vary and extend to nearly HD quality, and many models can vibrantly display millions of colors.

Akers Signs—a Leader in Northeast Ohio’s LED Sign industry

We look forward to working with you during all phases of your LED selection, design, and installation process. With dedicated project managers, permit specialists, full customer support and training options, and an industry leading 7 year parts and service warranty—Akers Signs has become a clear leader in Northeast Ohio’s LED sign industry.

More Than Meets the Eye

Your full-color LED sign will open you to a world of unmatched creativity in on-site messaging, including: instant cloud-based updates from your computer or device, one year free content creation, access to professional designers, programmed conditional messaging, RSS feeds, and IPAWS capabilities.

Contact us today to discuss all your options with this versatile and extremely cost-effective sign type—or read more about LED signs at the links below.

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