LED Monochrome

A Dialogue with Your Customers

Having the ability to schedule messages on your LED sign tells your community something special. It says you are proud of your products and services—and it says you are an active and engaging business interested in cultivating a dialogue with your potential customers. Akers monochrome LED message centers are a great entry-level sign, providing you many of the advantages of this fully-modifiable sign type.

What Is an LED Monochrome Sign?

LED monochrome signs are primarily used for text-based information geared to regular and potential customers. Depending on the size of the sign, simple graphics and logo displays are also possible. LED monochrome signs are available in a variety of sizes—from very small to billboard size.

Breathe Easily with Akers’ 7 Year Parts and Service Warranty

Like our feature-rich Akers full color LED signs, we can consult with you for all phases of your sign selection, design, and installation. Our project managers, permit specialists, customer support representatives, and training professionals will be available throughout your sign’s purchase and post-installation. You can breathe easily with our Akers industry-leading 7 year parts and service warranty.

Unleash Your Messaging Potential

Many features and add-ons are available when you purchase an Akers monochrome LED message center. While online, schedule or prompt immediate cloud-based updates with your computer or device. To get you started, we’ll provide you with one year free content creation—and you’ll also have access to programmed conditional messaging, RSS feeds, and IPAWS capabilities.

Contact us today. With the price barrier lower than it has ever been for LED monochrome signs, the time has never been better to unleash the powerful potential of up-to-date messaging for your business or organization.