Illuminated Letters

Your Business Name and Logo—in Lights

LED illuminated channel letters are a highly-effective way to present your name in lights. Custom crafted to your specific letter font and logo design, illuminated letters are the primary choice for building-mounted signage in retail environments. A local pioneer in this evolving industry—Akers Signs works alongside many retail developers in Northeast Ohio to design, produce, and install some of the area’s finest channel letter signage.

What Are Illuminated Channel Letters?

With frequent new developments in channel letter technology, there are many options available. Face lit and reverse channel letters, front and back lit channel letters, building or raceway mounted—Akers Signs will produce the perfect channel letter sign for your business or retail environment. Specializing in designing letter signage that meets your lease criteria, our team is an expert at efficient project management and development for this type of signage.

Endless Ways to Be Creative

There are almost endless ways to be creative with illuminated letters. Let Akers Signs assist you with designing something great. Whether you are a retail developer or a stand-alone business, Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss and review your many choices.

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