Post and Panel Signs

On a Budget? No Compromises Needed

Are you on a budget? A post and panel sign may be right for you. And with Akers Signs, no matter what type of sign you select—you’ll never need to make compromises in design quality or branding effectiveness. We have extensive experience in post and panel sign design and mounting, working with many clients who choose this sign type for their primary signage identity.

What Are Post and Panel Signs?

Post and panel signage is simply another name for a non-illuminated sign suspended between two posts. Unlike pole signs, at 8’ and under—post and panel signs are lower in height. Though used by many types of businesses, this sign type is commonly used in way finding at colleges, hospitals, and other types of campuses and similar public venues. Akers Signs produces flat, carved, and sandblasted post and panel signs made from a variety of well-crafted materials.

Identified for Our Expertise by Ohio History Connection

Identified regionally for our expertise in producing post and panels signs—Akers Signs was selected to create and install the entry and way finding signs for all Ohio History Connection sites in Ohio.

Contact us today. We’ll make the process of selecting your new post and panel sign an easy and painless one.

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