Wall Signs

Affordable and Attractive

Wall signage is simply a sign designed as a consolidated piece that is mounted onto a wall—or a mural painted directly onto a wall. Wall signs can often be an affordable and attractive alternative to individually-illuminated channel letters. If you have highly visible real estate on the face of your facility—effective wall signage can be an excellent way to be noticed by potential customers.

Nearly Unlimited Versatility

With nearly unlimited versatility—wall signage can be illuminated or non-illuminated, dimensional or flat, and can be a simple cabinet style with plastic faces. They can be large signs with 3M flex facing, and they can even be painted directly onto the building. We’ll review what options will most usefully enhance the identity of your location.

Meeting Your Exact Needs

Akers Signs has produced wall signage of every kind—from hand painted 100’ long murals to 8’ wide carved signs. If you are considering a new wall sign, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can design, produce, and install any type of wall mounted signage to meet your exact needs.

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