Return On Investment

A Sign'the Least Expensive, Most Effective Form of Advertising

Today's businesses have increasing options to reach potential consumers, and it is more difficult than ever determining which alternative will be most effective. But, according to the United States Small Business Administration, place-based communication (a sign) is the "least expensive most effective form of advertising." Considering that at least 80% of all retail sales are place-based, and as many as half of your first time customers will stop because they saw a sign—clearly you can expect a greater return on investment from place-based communication than any other form of advertising.

Part of a Comprehensive Advertising Strategy

Focusing on your return on investment for your sign, Akers Signs understands that an on-premise sign is just one aspect of a comprehensive advertising strategy. Marketing works best when businesses tie all forms of advertising together. All additional advertising investments you make are magnified when a potential consumer travels past your business and sees your sign. Without a well-designed and effective sign located at your business, the money spent on other media can quickly be wasted. The importance of signage itself has spurred a major revolution in signage technology. The new programable LED signs offer a remarkably dynamic way to interactively reflect your marketing campaigns—in real time.

Akers Signs—Aiming to Exceed Expectations

Akers Signs has been in business since 1972, but what sets us apart from others in the industry is that we've seamlessly integrated our time tested know-how with the cutting edge technologies constantly moving our industry (like LED Signs). We understand that the quality and proper selection of signage play such an important roll—that it often determines whether a business is or isn't successful. Knowing this, we'll work with you closely to determine the signage strategy most effective for your business or organization—so your sign's return on investment will exceed your expectations.