New Service Form


I authorize Akers Identity, LLC to perform service work on signage and/or lighting at my place of business. My signature below authorizes this work to be performed and I agree to pay all costs associated with this repair. When possible, service will be one technician and a truck. Larger signs will require two men and a truck. If service work is to exceed $995.00 the technician will call the office for approval before proceeding. All reasonable efforts will be made by Akers Identity, LLC to be as efficient as possible. Billing time is port-to-port. Minimum 2 hours billed per service call. Akers Identity, LLC is not responsible for property damage if trucks have to work in grass or drive over curbs.

One technician and bucket truck: $99.00/ hour, plus tax.

One technician(s) and 110'truck for hi-rise signs: $225/hour.

One technician with helper and a truck: $150.00/ hour, plus tax.

Lamps, ballasts, transformers, wiring, sockets, timers and any other parts are invoiced at retail minus 10% unless parts are under existing manufacturer's warranty. (If one lamp in your sign needs replaced, all lamps will be replaced, per cabinet, in order to keep the uniformity of the life of the bulbs.)

If possible, please add image(s) of where the sign is to be installed.